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I write this after reading a comment from one of the new friends I have made recently, who was kind enough to read and comment on my post “Lonely but not alone”. Hema- this one was born from what you said.  Also, a special mention to my friend and fellow blogger, Tulika, who has inspired some of the thought behind this through her recently posted excellent piece, “Have you found your way home yet” and from the comments she and others shared on that post. I should also warn that this is likely to read as fairly abstract and will probably only appeal to those of a somewhat spiritual disposition, so if you do not enjoy that form of reading, then you may not want to continue, although I hope you might give it a chance!.

I look around me and see a lot of “gifted” or talented individuals -both words seem to be used, and thought of as, interchangeable. Some are great singers, some artists, others can dance, actors are a supreme inspiration through their performances, many boast of writing skills, yet other display cooking expertise, others are good at more prosaic skills such as financial management. The list is non-exhaustive, but the point is that the word “gifted” is used often, and to encompass a varied skill set. It also strikes me that a lot of us find it easy to identify talent or skills in others, but we may not always be able to relate to, or recognise, our own “gift”.

Many would respond to that by saying that this is because not everyone is talented or gifted. However, I disagree. I believe that each of us is talented although we may not know it ourselves. I cannot look around me at the many I know and see even one who has nothing special they can boast of. It is a different matter that what I think of as a gift or special talent, doesn’t necessary entitle that person to automatic participation in a talent contest. The reason for such exclusion is not because their skill or expertise is any less valuable than its more visible cousins, but because we live in a society where people look, but do not always see. Unless you can display a trait that is immediately apparent and can be converted, or at least has the potential to be converted, to a tangible act, outcome or benefit, you risk neglect.

For example, a wonderful voice is an immediately recognisable talent; I always felt wistful that I cannot sing ( well, if I did,you certainly would not want to listen!),but never consciously hankered to be a wonderful friend, until I realised that the latter was a precious ability because it had the potential to do unforeseen “good” and could result in true satisfaction. It is perhaps not the best example but I am trying to put across that there are so many so-called “ordinary” people who would never think themselves gifted but they are! Their gift may be subtle; their strength may lie in motivating others to do something for instance. Don’t believe that is a talent? Look at the history of numerous successful and recognised talented individuals – the world may have never encountered them but for the help, encouragement or support of others behind them who helped the “star” you admire to shine so bright. Is that not why we thank people when and if we receive an award? After all, any artist needs a muse in one form or other, so if your talent lies in bringing expression to another’s, it is no less a talent for being subsumed by a more glaring achievement or protagonist.

Taking it one step further, I believe the Creator (whichever form you believe in them in) is incapable of “making” anyone or anything without infusing in them some “magic”; we would call that a talent, gift, art, or even simply, potential. Hindus believe God resides in each one of us and if that is true, we must be possessing of some element, no matter how minute, of his energy. What can be a bigger gift? I like to think that we are in ourselves the Almighty’s gift to one another and to his own cosmos, that he lovingly fashioned for us and Him/Herself. Yes, how we use that gift, or even if we recognise it, is up to us, but it is there, within and around us all. Just look in the right place and really “see” beyond the shroud of superficiality that surrounds us, and you will find it. And once you do, be generous with it, as the more you share it, the more it grows.

I end this with a simple Blessed Be!


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