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This is my prayer for you,
I cannot promise it will be heard;
But at the very least it must,
Resonate somewhere in the cosmos.
That it will keep echoing until,
Someday when even a lingering refrain,
Finally reaches the Master of the universe;
Is the hope that keeps me pleading.
May you ever be safe,
From the ills without and within.
Rich be your whole life,
In the way that really counts.
With health and happiness and good sense,
For without those all wealth be meaningless.
There will be times both good and bad,
And may you always prevail through them,
Emerging not just older,
But wiser always for the future.
Know always that no matter where you go,
Or however grown up you get,
Your big sister will forever;
Keep you not just in her thoughts,
But in the discourse she has daily with God.


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