I am an admitted contradiction, even to myself! I am a lawyer by profession but have an artist's soul. I like to protect myself from the world by shutting myself away from time to time by reading, dreaming, writing, but the "real" world always intrudes and I then do my best not to be too out of step with it. I would describe myself as a realist through necessity but a dreamer by nature. I am really two people, one that the world sees- always smiling and upbeat and the other who is deeply introspective, can succumb to melancholy but guards against it. I like to think I am creative and artistic and am happiest when pursuing something that appeals to this side of me, be that writing, reading, decorating, cooking, dancing or crafting but my job is extremely academic and practical and I enjoy that in its place too (or at least I try to). All in all, I am me, and hopefully my blog will be my way to express the "real" me. I would love it if anyone reads what will often be random musings and any comments will be appreciated, even if they are critical!

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